CLP Online NEC Nomination Meetings

Despite overwhelming victories for mainstream candidates in the April elections and by-elections for Labour's Leadership, Deputy Leadership and NEC, the National Executive is still extremely finely balanced. In order to secure a comfortable majority to allow the new leadership to deliver a truly independent complaints process that stands up to antisemitism and harassment, as well as a Labour Party ready for government, it's absolutely crucial we win as many seats as possible in this years full NEC elections. Due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, crucial CLP nominations meetings will now be taking place online. Please let us know when your meeting is taking place, as well as if your CLP is using a GC or All-Member-Meeting to take the decision using the form below, this way we can assist in mobilising any moderate contacts. Once you've got a result from your meeting please let us know so we have an up to date national picture of what nominations look like.

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