You will have seen we are putting up a great fight against Momentum and the Hard Left in very difficult political circumstances. Our brilliant National Organiser, Matt Pound, works around the clock to build the moderate fight back in Labour.

This all costs money.

We need to raise another £40,000 to cover the shortfall in our budget for 2019.

Who's donating

Tony Halmos
Marion Hellyar
Ben Whisker
Iain MacLean
Mark Gray
David Farmer
Stella Jeffrey
Maghie Butt
Allison Hope
John Carr
John Carr
David Griffin
Roda Morrison
John Bennett
Ann Taylor
Ian Brown
David Lowndes
Michael Thornton
Gareth Lewis
Peter Day
Lee Butcher
clare Morgan
David Evans
Jonathan Legg
Donald Makepeace
Heather Clark
pauline preston
Joseph Haines
£30,604.80 raised
GOAL: £40,000.00