You will have seen we are putting up a great fight against Momentum and the Hard Left in the current NEC elections, in very difficult political circumstances. Our brilliant National Organiser, Matt Pound, works around the clock to build the moderate fight back in Labour.

Next year Labour First needs to do the same in the election for all nine CLP seats on the NEC, the election of Annual Conference delegates, and the debate over the “Democracy Review” of party rules, as well as building our network of moderate activists and Labour First groups across the country.

This all costs money.

We need to raise another £40,000 to cover the shortfall in our budget for 2018.

Who's donating

Trevor Rix
Robert Mcelvanney
Janet Anderson
Ian Ferrier
Arthur Jarman
Gwyn Prosser
Pat Lorber
Charles Harvey
Roger Sheppard
anthomy moss
Chris Freeman
Ian Gilbert
Alan Langley
Alan Langley
Maureen McDaid
Bryan Tookey
Penny Farrar
Steve Nelson
Mike Longworth
Julian Ozanne
Ken Smith
Robert Hudson
Paul Bryan
Trevor Rix
Neil Attisha
Alex keal
ian nelthorpe
Martin Plaut
£22,338.50 raised
GOAL: £40,000.00