Labour Internal Elections 2024

Here are the candidates we are recommending for Labour's 2024 internal elections – their statements are online here:


National Executive Committee


CLPs reps

Luke Akehurst                   A113881

Johanna Baxter                 A914587

Angie Davies                     L1191960

Abdi Duale                        L1396053

Anu Prashar                      L1207708

Gurinder Singh Josan        A635225

Jane Thomas                    A784581

Mary Wimbury                   A555105



Mike Payne                       A235312


Youth Rep

Elsie Greenwood               L1243506



Carol Sewell                      L0121663


Welsh Labour Rep

Ann Jones                        A310245


Local Government Reps (nominated by Council Labour Groups, not CLPs)

Nesil Caliskan                   L0077801

Tudor Evans                     A128380


National Constitutional Committee CLP reps

Andy Furlong                    A511333

Brahmpreet Kaur               L1938735

Sioned-Mair Richards        A558860

Arooj Shah                        L0042486


National Policy Forum CLP reps


East Midlands

Kelly Duddridge                 L1801850

Neghat Nawaz Khan         L0101522

Rory Palmer                      L0001989

Nathan Oswin                    L0117251

Youth rep: Ruby Simpson L1920820



Louise Chinnery                L0077791

Adam Fox                         L0093669

Richard Howitt                   A348385

Alex Mayer                       A975337

Youth Rep: Sam Carling     L1920596



Rezina Chowdhury            L0138818

Sara Conway                       L1468535

Bora Kwon                          L1212405

Abdi Mohamed                   L1221935

Youth Rep: Hollie Wright    L1622989


North West

Sam Corcoran                   A020225

Connor Dwyer                   L1342067

Nathalie Nicholas              L0116079

Claire Reid                        L0046816

Youth Rep: Bella Simpson  L1954763



Luke Henman                   L0106437

Georgia Jamieson             L0090604

Michael Mordey                 L0052726

Melanie Morley                  L1851611

Youth Rep: Jacob Cousens L1954898



Stuart MacLennan             L0050834

Ben Procter                           L1240089

Michelle McGinty                  L1150039

Heather Brannan-McVey    L0096376

Youth Rep: Brooke Ritchie L1959363


South East

Parmjit Dhanda                 A030893

Duncan Enright                 A353945

Pavitar Mann                    L0117309

Sharon Mintoff                  L1179873

Youth Rep: Lundy MacKenzie L1949888


South West

Chris Cuddihee                 L1332129

Jude Robinson                  A190442

Ashley Smith                     L1890156

Judy Wilson                      L0131597

Youth Rep: Katie Truman   L1878436



Chris Carter                      L1222085

Lilith Fenris                       L1946756

Sian Taylor                        A534504

Jess Moultrie                    L1431948

Youth Rep: Charlotte Davies L1913295


West Midlands

Luke John Davies              L0151064

Sid (Saheed) Khan            L1457402

Cathy Parry                      A099157

Kindy Sandhu                   L1227746

Youth Rep: Talia Marie       L1949947


Yorkshire & The Humber

Salma Arif                         L1187348

Lisa Banes                        L0150562

Julia Rockett                     L1525298

Alice Smart                       L1183116

Youth rep: Lucy Hulme       L1809481


Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee CLP Representatives


Emily Moore                       L1747279

Rebecca Pawley                  L1228300

Ruba Sivagnaman               L0120668