A Network for Labour’s Moderates

We organise annual events at Labour Party Conference as well as ‘moderate meetups’ across the country and throughout the year

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Clause One

We are democratic socialists and social democrats and believe strongly in Clause One of the Labour Party Constitution that Labour’s purpose “is to organise and maintain in Parliament and in the country a political Labour Party.”

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Labour Party

We organise to try to ensure the Labour Party adopts election-winning policies and office-holders and maintains party rules that make the party stable and focused on winning at its Annual and Regional Conferences.

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Target: £72,000
£3 £5 £10

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Our absolute priority is to return Labour to power and elect the largest possible number of Labour MPs and councillors.

Everyone involved in Labour First is first and foremost an active campaigner for a Labour victory. We put our party above any internal faction or current of opinion, hence the name “Labour First”.

Our interventions in internal debates, elections and selections are all with the objective of making Labour a party with the policies and candidates and office holders best suited to returning it to power.


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