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This year we saw the largest Labour Party Conference in decades, with more delegates being sent by Constituency Labour Parties than ever before. Labour Party Conference 2017 should have been an opportunity to celebrate increased participation in the Labour Party, democratic debate and our increased membership.

However, the conference was overshadowed by an uncomradely atmosphere of ill-feeling, particularly on the conference floor.

One 17 year old first-time delegate from Wrexham was booed, jeered and heckled simply for suggesting that he wanted to hear the Mayor of London give a speech. Another young delegate was given the same treatment for stating he wished Conference had taken the time to debate Brexit.

Some delegates used the platform to attack party staff, Members of Parliament and affiliated Socialist Societies.

Outside the conference hall, Labour Party members and non-members posed for photographs wearing t-shirts which read “Sack McNicol” (the Labour Party General Secretary).

This type of behaviour must stop.

This is not how we want the Labour Party to be portrayed and this type of behaviour will only serve to drive away existing and potential members.

Pease sign this petition to call on Labour’s NEC to take firmer action on instances of bullying and intimidation at Labour Party Conference.

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