2021 ended on a real high note with Labour pulling ahead in the opinion polls. We are starting to see the results of all the hard work we have all done to make Labour electable again, turning round the party from the extremism and chaos of the Corbyn years at every level, from branches and CLPs to the NEC, to regional conferences and the brilliant results at Annual Conference that showed the public the party has begun to fundamentally change.

But 2022 is going to be a huge challenge. There is a crucial set of council elections in May. There are likely to be more parliamentary byelections. It’s probably the last full year we have to get properly organised for the next General Election.
Inside the party, there will be a hotly contested national OMOV ballot for the nine CLP seats on the NEC and for National Policy Forum reps from every region, and a host of elections at Youth and Student level.

CLPs will be selecting parliamentary candidates and reselecting sitting MPs, we need to get the strongest possible candidates selected who will be able to gain the seats we need to form a Labour government and then step up to hold office in it.

CLPs will also be holding AGMs where we need to continue to take back control from Momentum, and electing delegates to Annual Conference, where we need a pro-leadership majority so that this vital pre-election conference is a real showcase for Labour’s next government.
For Labour First to be resourced to organise for all these challenges, including the contribution we need to make to the Labour to Win coalition, we need your support for our annual fundraising drive.
We need to raise a total of £100,000.

Can you chip in to help us achieve that? Even a small donation of £10 or £20 helps us get there, as we are powered by hundreds of you giving.

£84,628.00 raised
GOAL: £100,000.00