Labour First will be working flat out during 2023 to secure decisive moderate wins in internal elections as part of the Labour to Win coalition, and to ensure Annual Conference is a really positive showcase for Labour, as well as advising moderate candidates in a range of parliamentary selections. We are taking our organising to a deeper level by building up data on which CLPs, organisations and affiliates within the Party our supporters are part of. This work is essential to ensuring Labour goes into the General Election with the most electable policies and candidates it possibly can, and that we remove any risk of going back to the chaos and extremism of the Corbyn era.

All of this needs funding.

Can you chip in to help us raise the £130,000 we need to operate this year? Even a small donation of £10 or £20 helps us get there, as we are powered by hundreds of you giving.

£78,518.00 raised
GOAL: £130,000.00