Campaign for Democratic Selections


Labour is supposed to be a democratic party. Parliamentary candidates should be selected by local members wherever possible and not imposed by the NEC. There has been a possibility of a snap General Election for months. Whilst it may be necessary to impose special selection procedures if a snap General Election is called, there is still time to have full selections in seats where there is currently no Labour candidate.

Despite this, Labour's NEC has just announced that they will be taking over the process, allowing just one week for members to choose a candidate from an NEC imposed shortlist.

Streatham, Vauxhall, Ealing North, Nottingham East, Poplar & Limehouse, Liverpool West Derby, Ashfield and other seats which usually deliver Labour MPs are still without candidates - some have had no candidate in place for as long as 8 months. The NEC has deliberately dragged its feet in the hope of gaining maximum control over the process and see 'pre-approved' candidates selected. We are now in the perverse situation where there appears to be time to hold trigger ballots for sitting MPs but not hold full democratic selections in vacant seats. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Members have a right to choose their candidate for the next General Election. Sign the petition below and lobby the NEC for full democratic selections in vacant seats and oppose NEC imposed candidates/shortlists.

"Dear Jennie Formby,

Please ensure there is a full democratic selection for all seats currently without a candidate in advance of the General Election. This includes member involvement in the shortlisting and nomination process, as well as an all-member hustings to decide the candidate, with the timetable compressed to allow completion before any snap General Election.

Yours sincerely,"


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