You will have seen we are putting up a great fight against Momentum and the Hard Left in very difficult political circumstances. Our brilliant organising team work around the clock to build the moderate fight back in Labour.

This all costs money.

We need to raise as much as we can to cover the shortfall in our budget for 2019 and support the vital work we'll be doing at Labour Party Conference this year.

If you'd prefer to set up a monthly payment to provide us with a steady stream of income, please click here.

Who's donating

Alan Langley
Martin Stott
Mr. T. Whitehead
John Arnold
Glynn Patrick Morgan
David Latham
Helen Kirkpatrick
David Carter
Patrick Lally
Robert Evans
Tony Carroll
Ursula Holdsworth
Guy Gillbe
louise hartley
edward Inman
Tony Kennedy
David Hopkins
Davd Tomlinson
Ian Tonks
Peter R
Marjorie Hattersley
Rupert Jones-Lee
Fiona Bruce
Tommy Beattie
Anthony Green
Hugo Collingridge
Brendan O'Keefe
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler
£44,017.76 raised
GOAL: £80,000.00
Contributions are not tax deductible.

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