Conference Delegates

Labour Party Conference Delegates 2017


CLPs around the country are taking important internal decisions relating to Labour Party Annual Conference. Momentum are organising very hard, and we need a strong moderate presence to repeat our conference victories in 2015 and 2016 and ensure that the Hard Left cannot pass a rule change that would make it easier for John McDonnell to become Labour Party Leader after Jeremy Corbyn by reducing the percentage of MPs needed to meet the nomination threshold.

Here is what we need you to do:

  • Click here to let us know when your CLP will be electing its conference delegate(s) – your CLP Secretary will be able to tell you this.

  • Make sure you have moderate candidates ready to stand to be delegate(s) and that moderate members know this is a “must attend” meeting.

  • Ask your CLP to nominate both of Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero for re-election to the CLP section of the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC), which is elected by One Member One Vote this summer. Click their names to share Michael's or Gloria's Manifesto’s on Twitter.

  • Ask your CLP to nominate either Rose Burley or Kevin Hepworth for the CLP section of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). CLPs can only nominate once for the two vacancies. This election takes place among CLP delegates at conference. Their manifestos are here for your to circulate and print off: Click candidates name, Rose or Kevin, to share their Manifesto’s on Twitter. Click candidates name for a printable version to circulate at your CLP meeting, Rose Burley / Kevin Hepworth

  • Click here to let us  know the results from your CLP

The deadline for delegate registration and nominations is 23 June, but we would advise all CLPs to elect their delegates as early as possible, in case a snap General Election leads to a moratorium on party meetings.

CLPs send one delegate for the first 749 full members they had on 31 December 2016, and one further delegate for every additional 250 individual members in the constituency or part thereof. At least every second delegate from a CLP has to be a woman; where only one delegate is appointed this must be a woman at least in every other year. Where the individual women’s membership in a constituency is 100 or more, an additional woman delegate may be appointed. Where the individual Young Labour membership in a constituency is 30 or more an additional delegate under the age of 27 may be appointed.

CLPs do not need to send their full delegation entitlement, their card vote remains the same value even if they just send one delegate. Each CLP’s delegation votes as a block, casting a card vote equivalent to its membership on most key votes, so the key objective is to ensure that a majority of your CLP’s delegates are moderates.

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