Suggested Contemporary Motions

Constituency Labour Parties can submit one 'Contemporary Motion' to be discussed at Labour Party Conference. These motions must be no more than 250 words and relate to specific events over the 6 week period in the run up to conference. Which motions are discussed at conference will be decided by the 'priorities ballot' at Labour Party Conference. Below are some suggested motions that you may want to consider submitting at your next CLP/Branch meeting:


Defend the NHS

"Conference notes the data released by the NHS on 10 August that shows the Government’s lack of investment and poor treatment of NHS staff and has led to a further increase in waiting times and cancelled operations.

Conference condemns the Tory government’s NHS pay cap and scrapping of the training bursary as key contributors to the staffing crisis now facing the NHS.

Conference welcomes the commitments made in the Labour manifesto to scrap the pay cap for NHS staff and honour pay recommendations by the independent pay review bodies.

Conference believes the training bursary should be reinstated and safe staffing requirements put into legislation.

Conference values the contribution of NHS and social care staff from the EU and calls to guarantee their rights and status. Conference further believes the NHS must continue to recruit from the EU and believes continued membership of the single market must not be ruled out.

Conference applauds Labour’s commitment to an NHS which is publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable 
Conference opposes

- Tory privatisation of the NHS and . 

- Privatisation of ‘NHS Professionals’.

- Tory cuts to the NHS including the Capped Expenditure Plans

Conference calls on the next Labour government to fully fund the NHS increasing investment to European average .Conference opposes the Naylor Report’s call for a fire-sale of NHS assets and instead resolves that the next Labour government will invest at least£10 billion in the capital needs of the NHS.

Conference welcomes Labour’s commitment to making child health a national priority including investment in children’s and adolescent’s mental health services."



"Conference deplores the crisis in Venezuela and notes the UN report issued on 7 August 2017 which decried “widespread and systematic use of excessive force”, saying security forces and pro-government groups were responsible for the deaths of at least 73 protesters. The UN says 2,000 people have been injured, more than 5,050 people have been arbitrarily arrested and over 1,000 reportedly still in detention.

Furthermore, Amnesty International raised serious concerns regarding impunity for the Security Services, curbs on freedom of expression, overcrowded prison conditions, violence against women and girls and lack of LGBT rights in Venezuela.
We condemn the arrest of opposition leaders Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma; the sacking of five opposition mayors and Chief Prosecutor Luisa Ortega, who was investigating corruption and human rights abuses; and moves by the Constituent Assembly to rewrite the constitution to disempower the opposition-majority legislature. We note that the Constituent Assembly turnout figures indicate massive electoral fraud.

Conference expresses solidarity with our sister parties, four member parties of the Socialist International, all of which are part of the opposition.

Venezuela’s people are suffering from a social and economic catastrophe. GDP has contracted more than 20% in three years, inflation is heading towards 1,000%, and citizens face severe shortages of food and medicine.

We call on the Venezuelan government to cease attacks on the powers of the judiciary and legislature; to allow peaceful protest and stop violence against protesters; and to engage in talks with the opposition to bring the crisis to an end."